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I was super excited as soon as I saw you, you could tell that you had incredible energy. I loved the openness and easy environment that you created for sharing.
I loved the dancy on knees self expression exercise and the looking into each other’s eyes. I thought absolutely every second of
it was wonderful! When I left very light, if that makes sense, and very joyous and free.
Hannah Davis
I loved the calm atmosphere you provided and the way I felt safe to express myself. When I walked in I was overjoyed and excited and could feel the energy you created. When I left I felt as if I heard everything I needed to hear at that moment in time and incredibly fulfilled.
I really resonated with the eye gazing and felt like it was life-changing so I have
continued to do that, trying for everyday.
Isabella Anderson
I will start with when we all walked in and instantly you made us feel so welcome and there was absolutely no sign of awkwardness or judgment. I loved how we got to know you then we got to tell you about ourselves and how you made the environment so loving and comforting.
I really loved how the night just passed through and we did what naturally came up, although I did love ending the night with the meditation moving activity. I have no bad feedback and I am happy for whatever is to come for the next events!!!!
You are such an incredible woman that I respect so much, from just meeting you once you have shown me that feelings are valid and that we really can be who we want to be.
I can’t wait for the journey
that is embodying ourselves, and I’m so glad we are learning off a woman like yourself we are truly lucky.
Ruby Cummins
My school was lucky enough to have had Jae as a speaker for International Women’s day earlier this year.
Jae shared her story on how to break personal bias and really opened my eyes to the reality that you must break your personal bias before anything else.
She reminded me that no matter what happens in my life, I will always be there for myself and love myself.
Jae is such an inspiring and loving woman and what she has to say is incredibly important for people, specifically emerging adults to be exposed to.
Evie Parkinson
Jae is an incredible, deep and beautiful women that has a fantastic ability to articulate and speak her truth with power and influence.
Francine Barwick

You’re like a giant tree, planting the seeds, which is all of us, so we can go and become our own big trees.

Lily Van Den Driest

I’ve learned more from you in less than an hour than I have with my counsellor in six weeks.

Ezra Taylor

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