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I am a Truth seeker, eternal optimist, sun worshipper

and ex-party girl.

I am wildly passionate and consciously rebellious.

My purpose on this earth is to ignite sparks of

passion and fuel flames of purpose.

(and I am grateful for it every single day).

Jae is a true leader. She has learnt how to trust her intuition and Universal guidance while holding space for others to do the same. I have truly enjoyed watching Jae manifest her tribe through her deep desire to serve. What a shining light for our generation!

Kate Selv

I’m here to help you uncover your strengths, crystallise your message, shift limiting beliefs and step into your authentic authority as part of the next generation of thought leaders, truth seekers and soul-fuelled warriors on a mission to create heaven on earth. 

Jae is a talented, wise and inspiring leader for the next generation. I’m in awe of how deeply her passion for this work runs through her blood and I always come out of a conversation with her feeling like anything is possible. If you’re looking to shake things up, tap into your purpose and follow your passion, get Jae on your team, stat.

Hayley Richardson

Health Coach,

I believe the meaning of life is service and true, soul fuelled fulfilment comes from using the gifts we have been given to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Professional Bio

Jae is a truth seeker, eternal optimist, sun worshipper and ex-party girl who is wildly passionate about awakening the next generation of game-changers to discover their purpose and step into the life they were born to live. She helps young people uncover their strengths and empowers them with the skills and confidence to follow their passion relentlessly. Through speaking tours, weekly blog posts, 1:1 coaching and her ebook ‘What am I Doing with my Life?’ Jae helps young people tap into their hearts deepest desires, unearth their purpose and ignite a spark of vision within them that will set the world on fire.

Jae is a warrior. She lives and breathes what she does – constantly reading and sharpening her mind, focused on what she has been called to do, which is to draw out the purpose of young people by extracting their gold. I have never met someone so devoted to her cause.

Jess Santosa

Poet, author, blogger