There is a reason our teenage years, and twenties are marketed to us as the time to party, waste our youth and “Find Ourselves” by engaging in self-destruction, self-avoidance and distraction.

Because they are FERTILE grounds for creation.

I’m all for learning through difficult mistakes – Lord knows, I’ve made my fair share of them – and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. But I also got something early in my twenties that resistance (shadow) has tried to talk me out of several times – your teens and twenties are a HOTBED of creative potential – and they are foundational.

What you create and choose then, can and will impact the rest of your life.

They are building years.

Discovering years, learning years – but also building.

Be prepared to start something that you won’t see the fruits of until you’re well into your thirties (or even forties or fifties).

The pure creative energy, ideas, optimism, sparks of INSPIRATION and divine insight, you have in your teens and twenties – are INVALUABLE.

Make the most of them.

The easy way out is to defer for another day, another year, another decade… but I promise – what you have right now, within you, is pure Gold.

Use it wisely. Use it well.

Don’t let your youth be marketed to you as a season to “get through” – or your lack of experience be used as a reason to discount your vision. Write down your ideas. Take action on them. Bring through that dream you have.


I hope whatever you do next is born from you, not imposed upon you. You have great ideas. Trust yourself. You know what you know.

Glennon Doyle