This is an exercise I’ve done for as long as I can remember and that I share with pretty much all my clients. I call it ‘the ideal day’ and as the name suggests, it’s about getting SUPER clear on what a day in the life of your dreams will look like. 

The other day I found one I’d written at the start of last year and I could NOT wipe the smile off my face when I realised I had just lived out the EXACT day I’d written about. (Keep in mind I wrote this when I was working full time in sales, commuting an hour and a half to work each day, and #singleAF)

It looked a little something like this…

6 am – Wake up in my gorgeous Manly apartment to the sun rising over the ocean outside my bedroom window

7 am – Yoga, 20min meditation, journalling 

8 am – Musical shower and superfood smoothie

9 am – Spend time with the boyf before he goes to work 

10 am – Write, dream / coach clients / work on my new book 

1 pm – Lunch on the balcony overlooking the ocean

6 pm – Boyf comes home, healthy dinner and reading before bed

Like seriously, this shit works.

Getting clear on what we want sends a powerful energetic instruction to the Universe about what we’re ready to receive.

So… I made you your very own ideal day worksheet! Just because I love you. You can fill it in or write your answers in your journal. Feel free to send it around to your friends and share your answers with your bestie or partner to make sure you’re on the same page.

Decide how you want to feel. Know you are worthy. Embody the feeling as often as you can. Then open to receive what Life wants to give you.

So much love, 

Jae x


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