I found this in my goals for 2017. It’s a personal vision statement I wrote halfway through the year that encapsulates everything I wanted to create, do and be. 2017 was all about radical generosity, manifesting and service… to be honest that’s kind of what I want my life to be about. 

She is… “She is outrageously generous. She sends flowers to people for no reason, she invests 10% of her income in causes that speak to her heart. She transfers her mum money just because she can. She gives without restraint. She doesn’t have to think twice about birthday presents or dinners out. She acts on the whispers of Spirit when it tells her to give money to the homeless person or help a stranger on the street.

Her intention is only ever to be of service; to reflect others beauty back to them. She lives her life as devotion. She is LIBERAL with her kindness; in words, thoughts and actions. She expects nothing in return, yet she knows how to receive with Grace. She blesses and builds up. She speaks life, Truth and beauty over every person and every circumstance. Her very existence is an act of worship. She embodies gratitude in all that she does for she understands the Divinity in all of it. Her faith is unshakable – in herself and her Creator (for they are one in the same).

Her beauty is the kind that touches people, that awakens something in them. She is humble, requiring nothing. She craves no approval, seeks no accolade, for her fulfilment is not of this world. She wants for nothing, yet desires All – consciously creating everything in her experience with clarity, grace and power.

She is a force to be reckoned with, a Soul set alight, and she is here to guide her people home.”

Reading this still resonates so deeply with part of my Soul. I hope it inspires you to write your own. What’s your vision statement for 2018?

So much love, 

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