2017! Weow! We did it baby!

Looking back over my goals for this year and I’m actually in awe – smiling at how all the little things have come together. Things I totally forgot I had written have come to fruition, along with extra things that truly are better than I could have ever imagined. 

My core desired feelings for this year were MAGNETIC (first half) and IN AWE (second half). I really owned my power this year. I realised how powerful I am as a creator and just how Divinely supported I am by the most powerful forces of the Universe. I experienced first hand how I can open up to receive what Life has for me, and trust that everything I need will be provided for me. 

In March I wrote the following Script for my year… 

“I wake up to the sun streaming into the room of my new apartment. The light hits my pink cotton doona and a cool ocean breeze flows through the massive open window. I head out the door to yoga at Power Living, feeling so grateful for my monthly membership and totally amazed by how far my body has come and my practice has improved in the last three months. I grab an almond milk latte in my keep cup and smile as the neurotransmitters in my brain fire happily at the first sip. I run into three people I know on the way back up the stairs to Bower St. I love that I feel like part of the community now…” 

I read it twice a day every day and 5 months later I was living the day to a t.

I practiced cultivating an inner state completely independent of my external circumstances. I’ve actually nailed it. I’ve had negative bank accounts this year, and days where I didn’t know where I’d be sleeping the following night or where my next pay cheque was coming from… I’ve bounced between cliff top houses overlooking the ocean to multi-million dollar mansions, before landing in my dream apartment. But through it all I learnt how truly little I need to be happy. I lived out of a suitcase and I haven’t been in the same house for more than 3 months, but I most of the time I felt grounded, safe and so deeply connected to my intuition as she guided me on everything from what action to take in my business to where I should sleep the next night. To all the incredible humans that have opened their homes to me this year, thank you – I love and appreciate you more than you know.

Being in my business has been so much FUN this year. I literally set the intention for what I want, and then trust that I’ll be guided to whatever I need to do in order to see it in my reality. I’m focused more on alignment than ever before. Rather than swinging blindly in a dark room like I was last year, my number one priority every single day is getting myself into the energetic state where I feel like anything is possible and that I can take on the world, and then whatever I do flows naturally out of that. 

To the outside world I must look like the biggest bludger – I spend most of my time writing in my journal, looking out the window and drinking Almond milk Lattes (with honey) after yoga. But I’ve “achieved” more this year than I ever have before, I smashed most of my goals (because I didn’t pull them out of thin air or worry about what *looked good* to other people) and I felt freaking BLISSFUL doing it. I’m guided by my energy in every moment.

Energised – do that. DrainedAF – leave it alone. 

I’ve discovered new levels of authenticity and vulnerability this year with posts like this, this and this one. There have been times when I literally hit publish and haven’t been able to check instagram or emails for a good 24 hours. Not even kidding. Then I have to make sure I’m in a really good headspace before I look at it again. It’s hilarious.

I’ve been working on my money story, and observing – without judgement – my subconscious beliefs around wealth (I wholeheartedly believe any area of our life that doesn’t feel freaking amazing, is an opportunity for growth). I’m challenging the ideas I inhereted about money and creating new beliefs in line with the kind of life I want to live. (I want to have a massive impact, and I know money is a massive SUPPORT to help me achieve that). 

Things I sucked at this year?

– Consistency. I wanted to show up for you guys way more than I did on this blog. But I’ll get better and have so much fun showing up here next year and over on my Youtube channel every week. 

– Moving through fear – ironic, huh? I’ve had this idea for a not for profit for almost three years now and I literally can’t bring myself to *start it*. It feels huge and scary and I’m talking to people about it and taking baby steps to flesh out what it actually is. Part of the issue is that I don’t know what it actually “looks like” so I’m going to sit down and channel the *entity* – and keep following the signposts that pop up along the way. 

So yeah, I’m living this stuff right alongside you guys. 

– Eating. Omigosh I can’t count the number of days I ate a block of chocolate for lunch because I was having too much fun working to a) go to the shops b) think about what to make. Thank GOD I’ve found a solution that means I can spend the majority of my time in my biz AND still know I’m getting all the nutrients I need to be the healthiest I have ever been. I am so excited to share more about that with you in the New Year. 

I have never been so joyful so consistently as I have this year, as I continue to expand into new realms of love, success, joy, bliss and abundance.

I’ve been up-levelling so massively in the last three months and I know I need some stillness to INTEGRATE this new identity, and to just get to know this new woman I’ve become. 

How does she think? What does she tolerate? How does she show up in the world?

What I’ve been loving this year … 

  • Full Moon journalling – I set my intentions for the next month and write down all the things I want to let go of. It’s a beautiful way to keep track of your progress throughout the year for those who value growth as highly as I do 🙂 
  • SCRIPTING – I read a ‘script’ I have written for where I will be (and more importantly, how I will FEEL) on Dec 31st every morning and night. Nothing has had a more profound impact on my life this year. It’s a game-changer. 
  • My Mastermind – you mean I get to post inspirational quotes on social media, riff on topics I am super passionate about, chat to EPIC humans and brainstorm ideas about their businesses, share my stories, speak my Truth and get paid for it?? How does it get any better than this?! You can check out Next Gen here.
  • Amanda Frances. This woman is giving me permission to show up in a whole new way. It’s a whole new level of confidence and authenticy authority that’s empowered, enlightened and #boldAF. “The world doesn’t need your edits, it needs your Truth.”
  • This journalling exercise has been an AMAZING help for both me and my clients… When self doubt pops up and my fear voice gets really loud I do a massive stream of consciousness and let whatever wants to come up under the following questions…”The fear is that…” and when you’re done and it’s all out on paper, “The new belief is…”
  • The view from my apartment. Seriously, it reminds me how powerful, limitless and expansive I am as a creator every time I walk through the door.
  • Abraham Hicks – “Your only job is to feel good” Seriously, if it doesn’t feel good, what is the freaking point? Everything we create, every word we speak and thing we do and person we love will be gone in a hundred years. If it didn’t feel good while you were making it, what was the f***ing point? 

It makes my stomach flip when I think about the possibilities for an entire Geneneration of humans doing what lights them up. Ugh! SO GOOD. 

I have created so many things in my life now which consistently invite me into new stages of evolution…. my apartment, Next Gen… The more intentions I set, the more Life rises to meet my expectations. Knowing there are things and people I get to show up for excites the hell out of me, and it’s all the inspiration I need to prioritise my alignment everywhere I go.  

Next year will be all about ‘living forward’ – trusting that I’m on the right path and taking action without stopping to make sure every five seconds. I think sometimes I worry that I’ll get *off track* if I don’t keep coming back and setting new intentions all the time… because I’ve been off track, and I know how hard it is to fight your way back on. But I know now that my alignment – that joy, that energetic state – is my natural state, and it’s the only compass I need.

Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt this year? What are you excited about coming into the next? Let me know in the comments below. 

I have 2 spots left for 1:1 coaching with me before the end of the year. I have worked with some EPIC humans this year, who have some pretty awesome things to say. Check out some testimonials here and book your FREE initial consult.

I hope you have the most amazing end of year doing what you really want to do. Remember that the greatest gift you can give to others is your vibration, and anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. 

So much love, 

Jae x

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