I became a Life Coach at 22 (two days before my twenty third birthday) and for the last two years I have had the privilege of working with the most amazing clients from every season and walk of life. One of the most common limiting beliefs I come across in young people who feel the call to take up coaching is, ‘But aren’t I too young to be a life coach?!’

A lot of the time this belief stems from the parents, teachers or other significant adults in our lives who made us feel inferior or powerless because of our youth. In the post-industrial culture they grew up in, children were ‘seen and not heard’ and very few were bought up to question their place in the world.

We inherit this worldview which manifests when we say things like, “Oh, I’ll just wait till I’m older then I’ll start the blog, then I’ll build the business, then I’ll quit my day job and move overseas” …as though someday we will reach a point where we feel ready to do all the things we’re called to do.

Like all the other tools in its arsenal, the ego is going to try and use our age against us, as a reason why we can’t do what we’re here to do (and it goes both ways – I have mentored women in their fifties who fear they are too old to be coaches!) Our job is to gently shut the door on it, and choose a new belief instead.

It’s not the years in our life, it’s the life in our years

Those of us who are drawn to coaching usually have a story we want to share with the world; lessons learnt, fears overcome, transformation undergone, and it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been on the path, it’s our willingness to share what we’ve learned along the way that will be of service to our clients.

You don’t have to be at the end of the road, just a few steps ahead of the people you want to coach.

I have coached women in their twenties, thirties, forties and fifties and have not once felt as though I couldn’t add MASSIVE value to their lives through coaching. The challenges we face (especially as women) are ageless and Universal and the Beautiful You coaching process alone is enough to produce massive shifts and radical transformation. If I ever feel out of my depth, I come back to the process, embody my authentic self as a coach and TRUST that this client has been guided to me for a reason.

To the naysayers who ask, “But aren’t you a bit young to be a life coach?” All I can say is, “No, actually. I have a mission and purpose on this planet, and a deep desire to serve the world, and I’m not waiting until it’s more socially acceptable for me to start sharing my experiences and using the gifts I have been given to make the impact I was born to make. I know I have a lot to learn, and I plan on being a student until the day I die, but I know enough to make a difference, and that’s all that matters.”

If you have a message on your heart, there are people who need to hear it. If you feel called to make a difference in the world, whatever that looks like for you, don’t wait until you’re ‘ready’, ‘older’ or ‘more qualified.’ You have been chosen for this time, place and purpose. If anyone questions your intentions, just acknowledge that is their reality, and then go and create your own. Don’t let your youth hold you back, you have been preparing for lifetimes for this.

Two years in to my coaching journey I am learning, growing and evolving every single day, as a coach and as a human being. And the beautiful thing is, I get to take my Tribe on that journey with me. The best coaches aren’t the ones who have it ‘all figured out’, they are the ones who invite us in to the middle of their mess to let us know we aren’t alone.

I am creating a tribe that values authenticity and transparency, a tribe I can come to when I’m struggling, and ask for help… it’s a relationship where we all teach and learn from one another, and it’s nourishing on a level I could never have imagined.

The best advice I could give to young coaches is; You don’t have to have it all figured out. Be HONEST about where you’re stuffing up, where you’re struggling and where you have a hell of a lot to learn. But also be unapologetic about what you know in your bones to be true. What knowledge did you come into this lifetime with? What was written on your cells and imprinted on your DNA when you were born? Stand firmly in your purpose and power as a human being and as a coach.

You know enough to be of service… and that will always be enough.

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