How many times have you berated yourself for not having the motivation you needed?

“I just need to stop being so lazy”

“I just need to suck it up and get it done”

“I just need to work harder”

“I just need to push through”

We have this misconception that if only we tried harder then we would be able to start the website, finish the blog post and stick to the diet. But what if we didn’t need to push through the barriers, but allow ourselves to be pulled by a force greater than us?

I’m a little bit done with the whole ‘pump them up’ motivation of the old school personal development world. I have seen too many people crippled by the belief that they are lazy or unmotivated because they can’t stick to a diet or learn to meditate no matter how hard they try.

There are a million possible reasons that you’re not moving forward, but being lazy is not one of them.

You’re not lazy, you’re scared.

Everything you do is born out of a belief about who you think you are. If you are resisting doing something you know in your heart is going to catapult you into a new realm of success, joy and abundance, it’s a sign that your desired action doesn’t match your current identity. What on the outside looks like a reluctance to do anything productive is actually a paralysing fear that if you contribute, your contribution won’t be valued. You are terrified of what’s on the other side of that blog post, that website, that new morning routine. Sometimes it’s the possibility of failure. Most of the time, it’s the possibility of success.

Lazy can be substituted for scared of success in the same way defiant can be replaced with scared of change, and violence is synonymous with a fear of intimacy. These so called ‘negative’ character traits are all just different manifestations of fear.

If you don’t believe you are worthy of being a NY Times Bestselling author, you won’t sit down to write the book. If you don’t believe you are worthy of experiencing inner peace, you won’t want to practice meditation.

Sure, you can push yourself to do almost anything. And indeed, some people do. But wouldn’t you rather be pulled? Wouldn’t you rather it felt good? Wouldn’t you rather bound out of bed in the morning and race to sit down at your computer than use every last ounce of willpower to open your laptop only to procrastinate for three hours?

Because that’s the thing about willpower, it’s a limited resource.

There is only so much you can push yourself to do, but when you are pulled by a force greater than yourself, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

When I first started on this path, I took all my old strategies; work your ass off, strive, achieve, strive some more and applied them to my new career as a coach. Because that’s how you become successful, right? Wrong. I ended up right back where I started. That’s when I realised that I was on the right path, but with the wrong mindset.

And a new paradigm, calls for a new way of thinking. 

If I’m honest, I believe the wave of female entrepreneurs coming through now are being called to show the world how we can do it with ease, how we can get shit done without the struggle and how we can work our way up, while having fun along the way.

Because really, what’s the point of creating these incredible careers we love, if they’re going to be as difficult and uninspiring as the old ones?

If it’s not fun, don’t do it. If it doesn’t feel good, you’re missing the point.

You don’t need to work harder, you need to love yourself. You don’t need to hustle, you need to heal. When I talk about self love, I’m taking about seeing yourself as the infinite being of immeasurable potential that you are – and knowing that success in all its forms is your birthright. I’m talking about letting go of any part of you that doesn’t believe that and aligning totally with who you want to be.

Whenever I have to ‘force’ myself to do something, it’s a sign my goals don’t match my current identity. I know it’s time for me to go inward and upgrade my ideas about myself (because I’m sure as hell NOT going to downgrade my goals) When I’m confident that I am here for a reason and I have an important message to share with the world, then I will be inspired to sit down and write an outline for an event talk. When I am in a space of total confidence, I want to create new content, I want to work on my website and create my eCourse, I want to jump on and do a FB live. I even want to clean my house – because those actions are a REFLECTION of who I believe myself to be.

You are not lazy, you never were.

Ready to upgrade your beliefs so you can do, create and experience the thing you’re being called to? 

All my love,

Jae x

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