Feel like you have a message to share with the world but there’s too many people sharing the same message and not enough people to hear it?

I’ve got a word for you.

When 4 per cent of the population becomes fully conscious it will be a tipping point for humanity. It will create a ripple effect that sweeps the entire planet and ushers in a new Golden Age (within our lifetime) unlike ANYTHING we’ve seen before.

4 per cent – that’s 300 million people – People in your family, your social circle, your workplace who are waiting to hear your message from YOU. No one else.

There are more than enough people waiting and ready to evolve and we need every single voice we can get speaking life and Truth over this planet and her people.

What knowledge did you come into this lifetime with? What was hard-wired into your DNA and written on your cells when you were born? Stop wasting time institutionalising your passion and normalising your knowledge. Anchor into your Truth.

What is the message you are here to deliver? Go spread it like wildfire.

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