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I’ve been restless lately. I’ve been so acutely aware of every detail, every movement, every second as it ticks by. It’s one of the joys of being conscious – time moves slowly and you fully arrive in every moment. But rather than enjoying it, I was getting frustrated. It’s too slow. I was getting caught in obsessions, fixating on small things, second guessing every step simply because I had the time to. I sat down with my journal and asked God what was going on. This is what He poured onto the page.

Lose yourself in action. Act, act and act some more. Make mistakes, fall flat on your face. This is the time to take risks. You are so aware of every emotion, thought and spec of dust in the atmosphere around you because you’re sitting still. Stillness has its place but you tend to lose the details when you’re on the fly, hurtling toward your goals at lightning speed.

If you’re tired of looking out the window, speed up the train.

Start charging ahead. Bite off more than you can chew. There is time for idle thought and introspection – indeed in every day – but don’t you long to collapse exhausted into bed at the end of the day completely spent, eyes sparkling and body heavy from running the race I’ve set before you?

I have given you so much youthful energy to expend and you’re holding back, treading cautiously, filled with self doubt and afraid of messing up. Yet I will tell you child, now is the time to mess up. Make a beautiful, ugly, life-altering mess and learn from the pieces you pick up along the way.

You have been chosen. So have many (in fact all) of my children so don’t let your fear of – or craving for – significance hold you back or stop you. You are allowed to crave being seen; standing out, rising up and speaking out – it’s part of your Soul’s purpose for being here. So when the details becomes distracting and being conscious feels like a chore rather than the greatest gift you’ve ever been given, speed up don’t slow down. Throw yourself into everything and see what sticks.

There is space for your mistakes. There is more than enough room for error and there will always be more than enough time to be what you might have been.

Go for it game-changer 😉

Jae x

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