Hey beautiful, happy Saturday!

I had the most amazing morning at the Lululemon breathe yoga event today. They put on meditation and vinyasa classes in an old church in Mosman and it was the most stunning setting to practice in. I walked in to a hundred mats laid out on the old dusty wooden floors looking up to high ceilings and stained glass windows. My girlfriend had saved me a spot so I plonked down right in the centre of the room, underneath a colourful glass Jesus smiling down at me. It was magic.

After our Vinyasa there was a panel interview that I didn’t plan to stick around for but I’m so glad I did. One thing stood out for me that I just had to share here. It was a discussion about the evolution of modern yoga and of course, given the environment, the conversation quickly moved to the evolution of consciousness happening on the planet right now. One of the men on the panel – who I later found out was Keenan Crisp, co-owner of Power Living – gave an analogy that so beautifully described what we’re experiencing on earth right now.

He asked us to picture a lightbulb in a dark room, not illuminating much but the space around it. As you gradually increase the wattage of the bulb, more and more becomes visible. You begin to see things you couldn’t see before; dust on the floor, debris in the corners. The brighter the bulb, the more you can see. He explained that this is what’s happening on the planet right now. As more of us ‘wake up’ to the truth of who we really are – Divine beings having a human experience – and begin to live from this space of inherent oneness and connection, the collective consciousness becomes so bright that it begins to illuminate even the darkest corners of the world. Gradually, all the things that were once hidden, are hauled into the blinding light of day.

It appears on the outside that things are getting worse, when in reality they are just being uncovered. Corruption has always existed, injustice has always existed, poverty, hatred, greed always existed, but now more than ever, they are part of our conscious awareness. So much so, that we can no longer ignore them.

He spoke about how humanity is entering a Golden Age in the next 20-30 years that has been thousands of years in the making. And when just four percent of the population (300 million people) become fully conscious, it will be a tipping point for civilisation – the effects of which will ripple throughout all of humanity.

We have the opportunity now that the lights have gone on, to choose the mess we want to clean up first. Each of us will choose something that resonates with our soul, and as we continue to use all the gifts, technology and experience at our disposal to solve the problems our world is facing, we increase the wattage of the bulb until the whole world is bathed in light.

I sat there with a massive smile on my face, my body tingling in response to the Truth of what Crisp was saying. This is why so many of us chose to come back in this lifetime, to lead humanity into this new era – to walk the path and to be the examples. There have been many before us; Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and now it’s our turn.

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Shine on gorgeous one.

All my love,

Jae x

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