Okay so it’s 11.21pm and I still haven’t published today’s blog post. Why? Because I just finished binge watching the entire first season of Girlboss. Thirteen episodes…in a day. Worth it? Fuck yes. 

I had the pleasure of hearing Sophia Amoruso (the founder of Nasty Gal) speak at a Business Chicks event late last year. The news of her company going under had just emerged the day before and yet she insisted on showing up on stage to share her story. I was blown away with not only how courageous she was, but how passionately she spoke about her business and spreading the message of female empowerment through entrepreneurship. (And also kind of impressed about the fact that she started a company at 22 that turned over $300 million in under a decade).  

The series captures perfectly the wave of female entrepreneurship taking the world by storm in the last ten years. It’s smart, funny, real, and the coming of age story millennials have been waiting for (Sophia has a Nokia brick, an old school apple mac and plenty of other throwbacks reminiscent of the 90’s). 

It covers themes that we can ALL relate to; self doubt, fear (oh my god what if no one buys my stuff?), perfectionism, and the romantic connotations of going it alone that have no place in reality. It also depicts beautifully the challenges of maintaining healthy relationships while starting a business. Sophia is killing it online, while her personal life is going to shit. 

It’s the one Netflix series I can actually say leaves me feeling inspired, rather than guilty AF for spending four hours in front of my laptop. It’s reminded me that to be a #Girlboss sometimes means pissing people off, and that’s okay. You don’t have to be super accommodating – apologetic even – all of the time. Not everyone is going to like what you do, and not everyone has to. Sophia has these random outbursts where she punches walls and yells at people and those scenes resonated so deeply with the part of me that just wants to go crazy and destroy shit occasionally (Like I wrote about yesterday).

It’s also a reminder for me to stop taking this stuff so seriously and do it my way. Who cares if your website isn’t perfect, who gives a fuck if you don’t have a sales funnel? (I also want to start saying Fuck, you know, more than I already do). The whole point of this life is to do it on your terms, and when a woman decides to rip up the rule book and follow her gut, you know she means business. 

Let’s do this. 

J x

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