Following your dreams is scary is hell, and sometimes the road less travelled gets lonely. Today I wanted to share some examples of what happens when following your passion pays off to inspire you on your journey.

For the last two years I’ve been front row at an event called #Radlivin, the creative genius of Liv O’Connor (Don’t Tell Summer). Liv’s idea was to get a whole bunch of game changers together to share our ideas, collaborate and get insanely inspired to live our dream lives now. I walked in last year and immediately felt that sense of tribe. Every one had that combination of blind ambition, wild optimism and fierce desire to make a difference in the world that I live for (AND most of us were under 30).

Everyone at both events spoke about their work with such passion, energy and pure love it brought me to tears. The thing is, we all deserve to feel that way about the work we do in the world. We all have that dream, that vision, that idea within us that is bursting to be brought to life, all we need is the courage to make it happen. I walked out of there (after jamming with Ziggy Alberts on the D-floor) with a fire in my heart and so many ideas that I couldn’t WAIT to bring into the world.

I compiled a list of the epic human we got to hear from. Check out their websites, get involved, spread the word and let them inspire the hell out of you.

One Wave
For all the surfers, sufferers and survivors, One Wave are a non-profit surf community raising awareness for mental health. Grant and his awesome team started surfing in their suits to get people talking about mental health out in the water and now hold Fluro Friday events up and down the coast.

One Night Stand
Founder Jamie Green was left sleeping on his cafe floor after his fourth business went under, instead of giving up he used it as inspiration for his next project; tackling youth homelessness. Every purchase of One Night Stand sleepwear is a meal for a young person sleeping rough.

Tidal Magazine
Created by 2 teenagers on the sunshine coast, Tidal highlights young creatives (think surfers, skaters, writers, photographers and artists) while raising raise funds and awareness for ocean conservation.

Thank you Water
Thank you uses profits from the sale of their bottled water, food, soap and skincare range to provide life-changing services for the 1.4 billion in our world people living in poverty.

Clean Coast Collective
Making sustainability sexy, Nat and Dan are two insanely good looking humans on a mission to rid our oceans of plastic and help us transition from single-use materials (think coffee cups, straws and plastic bags and water bottles) to re-useable options.

What struck me most about these legends was that very few of them had a business background, all they had was an idea and a fierce desire to make a difference in the world. They stopped caring what other people thought, re-wrote the rules and did things their own way.

If someone was to write a biography about your life, would you be happy with how it read? Life is way to freaking short to be in a job you hate. Stop waiting for the “right time” (there’s no such thing) and you’ll never feel ready to go after what you really want. Jump, and the net will appear.

If you have an idea you are bursting to make a reality but there’s a whole lotta fear and self doubt holding you back (What will people think? Can I really do this? Where do I start?) shoot me a message so we can brainstorm ideas and get you in action! Nothing lights me up more than seeing young people creating epic shit for the world.

Can’t wait to watch you shine.

All my love,

Jae x

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