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Last night two of my beautiful girlfriends wandered into my mama’s house, barefoot and hair wet from the ocean and we sat outside under the stars talking about all the things we’d missed in each others lives. 

I am always amazed at how conversations can go from surface stuff to baring your heart and soul so quickly. One minute we were talking about a guy one of us is seeing and the next we’re swapping stories about subliminal messages of self worth we received from our parents growing up. Our conversation flowed seamlessly from stories of travelling across India and how to deal with a growing third world population, to our new resolve to eliminate the word ‘should’ from our vocabularies. 

But one thing stuck with me, even as we held each other tightly at the door, giggling with the excitement of being in each others presence for just a few hours, making plans to see each other again before another year had flown by. It’s something I had heard and spoken about many times before, but the weight of it had never really hit me like it did in that moment. It was the concept of self belief. 

We spoke about how everything we had ever accomplished in our lives had first started with the belief that we could do it. And everything we wanted to accomplish but hadn’t, was hindered by the fact that we questioned our own capability. 

I realised in that moment that the only difference between those who were doing what they really wanted to do, and those who weren’t was the belief that they could. Self belief was either programmed into them from a young age or they took the time to cultivate it within themselves as they got older. 

The fact is that our subconscious beliefs influence our reality and we are continuously creating situations in which what we believe is proven to us over and over again. Take your beliefs out and examine them. What do you believe to be true, about life? About the world? About yourself? If you assume life is a struggle to be endured, it will be. If you believe you were born to make manifest the glory of God within you, you will. 

If the belief that you can do anything wasn’t instilled in you as a child, start now. 

Start by telling yourself you are worthy and capable, even if the words feel foreign in your mouth. Visualise landing your dream job, write your acceptance speech, speak about your goals and visions for the future as though you have already achieved them. “I’m thinking about…” becomes, “I am going to…”, “I want to…” becomes, “I will…” and watch as your external circumstances rise to meet your subconscious conviction. You become aware of opportunities you never saw before, you say yes where you would have said no and you stop sabotaging your chances of success. 

As I watched the girls leave, arms wrapped around one another, I caught myself saying a silent prayer for them. It’s the prayer I have for you too, every single day. I pray that you would know your greatness and experience it often, that you would realise the infinite beauty, light and wisdom that exists within you and that you would believe wholeheartedly in your ability to bring it forth into the world. 

All my love, 


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