This is for the World Changers

A 12 week coaching series that gets to the heart of who you are and what you really want.

Highly individualised and totally transformational.

Get ready to experience resounding clarity, tangible shifts and insane revelations.

Just you, me and that big, juicy dream of yours.

Since finishing my coaching series, my relationship with myself has changed completely.  I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know, changed my perspective and outlook on life and learned to love myself more, which I think is the greatest gift anyone could receive. Jae is a unique, kind-hearted and talented being with so many gifts to share and I can’t wait to watch her light up the world.

Heidi Rose

Natural Lifestyle Coach and Therapist,

Coaching is 110% worth it. I would say within the first two sessions, I felt myself changing and I became more aware of my actions and steps towards my career. I feel like the word to summarise my coaching with Jae would be ‘focus’. I have a clear focus. Jae, you are a ray of sunshine. I know you’re young… but you are damn good at what you do!

Natalie Koval

Photographer, Natalie Koval Photography

By seeking guidance from Jae, I was able to complete a project which has meant so much to my little heart, yet I struggled with for so long. From the very first moment I came across Jae online a few years ago I felt instantly inspired! Her mind is complete & utter MAGIC, and I thank her with all my being for guiding me through my fear, and helping me understand what I truly wanted to achieve. Keep doing what you’re doing sista!

Amber Booler

Founder, The Tea Change

I am so grateful that after reading Jae’s blog I decided to finally take action and book a life coaching session. I’ve never experienced a coaching session, so I was a little nervous as to what to expect, but straight away Jae put me at ease with her authentic, gentle and nurturing presence.

During our session, Jae helped me dig a little deeper into the thoughts which have been holding me back from living the life I desire. This process of self inquiry was so powerful and uncovered many truths for me. The power in Jae’s session (especially for someone who previously struggled to take action) was working together to think of achievable steps that could be implemented straight away to improve my situation. I felt such a deep sense of support and confidence moving forward.

Jae’s work is truly delivered from her heart, you can feel it! I would highly recommend a session with her if you are ready to move forward in your life and need that extra bit of love and support to make it happen.

Eternally grateful.

Dani Rendina

I decided to invest in a life coach after a crushing break up. It quickly became clear to me that this event was a catalyst for a much bigger change that had been coming in my life. I felt lost, confused, restless and very unsure of who I was.

Comparing myself now to where I was before, it is obvious to me that what we did worked. Through coaching, I have learnt to slow down, dwell less on the past, worry less about the future and focus instead on enjoying the here and now. I used to get so lost in self-destructive patterns, now I notice when it’s happening and know what to do to return to a peaceful state. Naturally, this has had a flow on affect both in my career and personal life, both of which are much richer. My friends have commented that I have really grown into myself this year and seem more confident than ever. Even my family have noticed the changes I’ve made and say I radiate a much more positive vibe.

If I could talk to someone thinking about coaching with Jae, I would tell them not to waste another second before signing up. I spent years stuck in a mindset that made me unhappy. I have always had the power to change it, but I needed someone to help me see that.

Keep doing what you’re doing Jae, it’s an absolute gift.

Emily Gayton


Ready to rise and shine in the life you have been called to live?

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Initially I was sceptical about the progress I would make but Jae helped me see myself and my abilities in a whole new light. I am focused and have confidence in the things that I want. Jae helped me to shrug off other people’s expectations and trust my own voice and my own goals. She is supportive, encouraging and devoted to helping those around her. Coaching is a gift and I encourage everyone to take full advantage of it. It can be daunting to open up to other people but it gives you access to a whole new world of support and encouragement. Run with the experience with an open heart and mind. I’d like to give a sincere thank you to Jae. You have found your calling. Maddy Thornton

Lifestyle Blogger, The Freedom Habitat

Life coaching was a way for me to figure out where I went wrong, where I want to go, and have someone hold me accountable. Throughout my coaching journey I have been able to sit back and be a passenger to my feelings, thoughts and emotions, as opposed to getting carried away by them. I am no longer a slave to my volatility, I am better able to focus on the good in everything and I can remove myself from toxic situations. Jae is incredibly insightful, and the level to which she understood what I was going through was amazing, especially given our stories aligned so much. If you are looking to step away from a self-destructive life and move into one with more grace, gratitude and service, Jae is absolutely faultless. Jae, you are an amazing human, and I’m so grateful the Universe brought us together.

Georgia Edwards

The biggest inner shift was in my self confidence. I truly feel like I can shine my light unapologetically and be who I am. I acknowledge that old thought patterns still creep in, but I don’t believe them anymore. I see the bigger picture. I still have doubts, fears, frustrations and anxieties – but through it all I see the higher purpose. Jae is beautiful, understanding, genuine and so giving. I honestly would recommend her to anyone who seriously wants to make a change. Jae the changes you helped me to unlock have changed my life forever. I am so grateful you came into my life. You allowed me to see myself for the love that I am. You allowed me to accept myself. You allowed me to truly shine.

Andrew Anthony

Coaching with Jae is the best decision I ever made. I wake up feeling happier and my confidence continues to grow with every session. I could go on about how helpful and amazing she is, but if you’re looking for help just know that honestly, Jae is your girl. 

Sarah Huig

Youtuber, Glitter Glam Baby

The Beautiful You coaching philosophy is people-driven, heart-centered and focuses deeply on your relationship with your Self. Through a specific and solutions-focused process + structure, Beautiful You coaches support clients as they work toward goals that are deep, meaningful, and designed to change fundamental beliefs, attitudes and feelings about themselves and their lives.

Since finishing my coaching series, I feel that I have changed in myself, mostly through being able to see and recognise when I am not at my best, and making action steps to getting to where I want to be. Now, I am excited to meet people, to dive into things I would have been scared of before and I have the courage and the energy to do the things that I make me happy.

My loved ones also see me as being calmer and happier in my situation. At the beginning of our coaching series, I had just moved home and was struggling to adjust. But following the coaching series – the opposite could be said! I am calmer, happier, lighter and at peace with my situation, and I think that shows.

If you’re thinking of undertaking a coaching series, Go for it! Jae is one of those people you meet once in a lifetime – she gives out light and embodies positivity. Her love for her life path is so clear when you see the heart and the enthusiasm she puts into you. If you dive into a coaching series, Jae will dive with you, and I promise you won’t regret a minute of it.


Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Just had an AMAZING goal setting session with the gorgeous Jae Schaefer! Thank you for helping me build and develop my goals further, feeling even more motivated and inspired and cannot wait to start taking action. Bring on 2016! Check out the amazing work this incredible lady is doing, so inspiring!

Hayley Walker

The Coaching Package Includes

  • A 60 minute session with me every fortnight (via Skype) where we will set powerful goals and action steps towards achieving them.
  • A pre coaching questionnaire to help you get crystal clear on what you want to take from this experience.
  • Worksheets and resources to supercharge your growth.
  • Email and text support in between sessions.
  • A copy of my Ebook.
  • Individually crafted gift pack, including your very own vision board kit, quote cards and gratitude journal to support you on your journey.
Your Investment

One payment x $599


$249 upfront and 2 monthly payments x $199 

Ready to rise and shine in the life you have been called to live?

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I also work in an industry where I assist in people achieving their goals, so I understand the importance of goal setting. Jae helped me set out my own goals as well as suggested a few other things which I’ve implemented in my life today, and has enriched it further. I couldn’t recommend Jae more for anybody that wants to create a bit of a roadmap to get them back on track.


Owner, Kingscliff Boxing Stables

It’s tough planning out huge dreams but I feel an equally huge relief after some wise words and having a very much needed hand planning out this previously seeming impossible journey. I can’t thank you enough for making this feel so real and I’ve never been so keen for life! Would out of ten recommend a session if you also have a big dream you’re having trouble putting in fruition.


My coaching series has changed the way I see myself and my life ahead, and I am so grateful for Jae taking the time to help me. Both my friends and loved ones have noticed that I am more switched on with my life now and focused on what I want to achieve. I am able to trust myself and make decisions with confidence. I am also able to trust others am more comfortable asking people for help.

I would recommend anyone thinking of undertaking coaching to see Jae, you will feel like she is a true friend that genuinely wants to help you and she will always have an answer or an idea when you are stuck. Thank you Jae! You have helped me in more ways than I can explain. You are an inspiration and no matter what problem there is you always have an action step to keep me going in the right direction.


Ready to rise and shine in the life you have been called to live?

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